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Jessie Lang Photography Luxembourg


I am Jessie Lang, a freelance architectural photographer based in Luxembourg.

I founded my company Jessie Lang Photography in 2022 and have since then worked on various national and international photography projects.

Prior to my freelance work, I successfully completed my photography studies at the Fotoakademie-Koeln in Germany in 2021.

Furthermore, in 2018, before moving to Cologne for my studies, I completed my baccalaureate in my home country of Luxembourg in Fine Arts with a focus on photography.





Lycée Aline Mayrisch


Lycée Aline Mayrisch

I studied photography at the Fotoakademie-Koeln for 5 semesters and successfully obtained my diploma with a grade of 1.0 in my final exam.

I completed my baccalaureate (Diplôme de fin d'études) at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg in art with a focus on photography in 2018.

I also completed my first years at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg from 2011-2015.


Since 2022

Jan Wischermann Imaging

Since 2021

MOJA / Absolute Blue

Since 2022 I have been working regularly as a freelance retouch artist in the team of Jan Wischermann, high-end retoucher from Düsseldorf.

Since 2021, I have been working regularly as a freelance Head of Lighting photo assistant for photographer MOJA and his company Absolute Blue in Luxembourg and abroad.

Jessie Lang Photography


Attention to detail is particularly important to me in my work. In addition to my technical skills, creative vision is also very important to me in the realisation of my projects. Along with the use of camera, different lenses and other technical aspects such as flashes and drones, I also integrate the nuances of light, colours and compositions, as well as post-production for the last important details in my images. This enables me to create an aesthetic as well as a meaningful and individual image.

Jessie Lang Photography Postproduction Bildbearbeitung


Image editing is also an essential step in my working method. Through a professional masking technique, I have full control over all elements in the image and can consciously adjust and perfect colours and lights.

Post-production also allows me to edit all the final images in a unified look to create a coherent series and to stage and present the overall building in the best possible way.



Discover a new dimension in architectural photography with the use of photo drones. This type of photography enables unique perspectives and captures the beauty of your buildings from unexpected angles. Through precise control and my certification as an A1/A2/A3 drone pilot, I can photograph your projects from above, accurately depicting the scale and surroundings. Drone photography also offers a practical benefit for monitoring construction progress and documenting it over a longer period of time.



Solo Open-Air Exhibition: "Trust The Process", Park Backes, Sanem

Official photographer for Mastercard at the 76th Festival de Cannes

Exhibition: Valentiny Foundation, Remerschen (ARC)


Guest for an interview on Radio 100,7 - Edition "Sot emol"

Member of the ARC Kënschtlerkrees Committee

Competition: Salon National, Diplôme de Patrimoine Luxembourgeois

Exhibition: Galerie Netzwerk Trier, Germany (ARC)

Participant of the event Table Ronde "Trau dech", Municipality of Sanem

Official photographer for Mastercard at the 75th Festival de Cannes



Exhibition: Galerie Ruth, Casino 2000 (ARC)

Member of the Photoclub Gemeng Suessem (PCGS) Committee

Competition: Salon National, mention honorifique

Member of the Artist's Association ARC Kënschtlerkrees

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