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Case Study Jessie Lang Photography


Every project is unique and must be carefully planned and implemented in order to be convincing. In my work, it is therefore particularly important for me to always think and photograph in terms of the project. To give you an idea of how I work, I have created various case studies below, which explain different projects in detail and show my approach in different stages. If you click on a project, the complete case study will open and I will explain the analysis of this project in more detail.

In this case study, I take a closer look at the topic of "Special Challenge".

Sometimes photos have to be taken in a rather difficult environment. The problem can be a very narrow space, for example, or, as in the example described here, a lifelike shot from above of the floor plan for later use in a dark environment. Therefore, this shot requires special photographic material as well as technical skills in postproduction.

In this case study, I take a closer look at the topic of "Project Monitoring".

Your building project should be documented from start to finish in order to record different construction phases and to be able to compare and present them later? This is often extremely important and should be recorded in such a way that the photos match the respective phase and can be compared later.

In this case study, I take a closer look at the topic of "Retouching".

Very often I don't have any influence on the environment around an object. Then it is even more important to do a high-quality retouching after taking the photo, so that no disturbing details distract from the main object, but the photo remains realistic and natural despite the retouching.

In this case study, I take a closer look at the topic of "Look Adjustment".

Every object has its own character, its own story and idea. In order to be able to show these optimally, a suitable look must be created and used. Should a building appear reduced and modern, traditional or completely different and rather artistic?

In this case study, I take a closer look at the topic of "Series Cohesion".

If several photos of an object are created, they should fit together visually and thematically so that the viewer immediately recognises that it is a complete project that belongs together. Here, one should not only pay attention to the light and the motif, but also to the subsequent retouching.

In this case study I take a closer look at the topic of "Photoshop Techniques".

Through my additional projects as a retouch artist, I work with special techniques and tools to have full control over all elements in my images. For example, I can edit all elements individually by using a precise masking technique or create even more natural results by using additional tools.

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