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In this case study, I take a closer look at a practical example on the topic of "series cohesion".


Often, it is not just one photo that needs to be taken, but a whole series of pictures in order to present a building in its entirety. With such a series, it is especially important that the pictures all fit together and create a beautiful overall picture. When I work on a series, I always try to shoot all the images in a similar style and also edit them afterwards in the same colour tones and looks. At the end of each production, I then check all the images again and see if they fit together well, i.e. are similar in exposure, saturation and colour.

The aim of this assignment was to photograph the inside and outside of a vacation house in order to show the pictures later on the website of the vacation house. Since the house is very large and extremely quiet in the middle of green nature, it was important to capture the rooms and the outdoor area in the photos in a large and quiet way and thus also emphasise the natural character of the house.

A clean and professional overall impression, which can often lie in small details, is very important to me in my work and is always checked by me at the end of each production.

Do you have a question about this case study or do you have a similar project and are still looking for a suitable photographer? Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas or projects, I am happy to accompany your project photographically!

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