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In this case study, I take a closer look at a practical example on the topic of "Photoshop technique".


Actually, there are always a few things that need to be improved on a photo afterwards that were perhaps not directly realisable on location due to a lack of time, space or other circumstances. In order to have absolute control in the post-processing of my pictures, I regularly work with a very precise masking technique. I create an individual path for each important element in the image and use it to create a mask, which then refers to the group in which all changes to this element are made. In this example I have divided the picture into several elements/groups and masked them. Here as an example the couch, the lamp, the table in front, the window, the window of the kitchen, the brown walls, the shelf and finally the rest of the surroundings. I always make sure that there is no masking error, i.e. that no two masks of different elements overlap. In order not to make any mistakes, I always remove the overlapping part of a new mask, so that overlaps are avoided.

Even though this preparatory work takes some time; once I have masked all the elements and prepared the file properly, I can work specifically and with full control on different parts of the image and adjust them individually without introducing errors at the edges.

For example, I can now easily use a curve that is only in the folder of the environment "BG" to make this masked environment a little brighter or, for example, colour the sofa blue with a single layer.

With this method I have full control over my image and can work quickly and precisely with the individual masks. Also, with further adjustment layers I can mask only a part within a group without going over the edges and thus mask an effect also only partially.

To show the method a little more clearly, here is an example of a somewhat stronger (fictitious) change:

Besides this precise masking technique, I also work with some Infinite plug-in tools, effects and other actions to achieve precise and high-quality results. Since the end of 2022, I have also been working as a freelance retouch assistant for the German high-end retoucher Jan Wischermann, where I learned a lot about the masking technique and other details in image processing and have since then also used and implemented in my own images. Natural and precise post-processing is very important to me in my work and is therefore always implemented by myself.

Do you have a question about this case study or do you have a similar project and are still looking for a suitable photographer? Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas or projects, I am happy to accompany your project photographically!

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