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In this case study, I take a closer look at a few practical examples on the topic of "look adjustment".


Not only the composition and the motif define an image, but also the look can be very decisive for the effect. An image look is often determined by colour schemes, the lighting mood or a special retouching. In this case study, I will therefore show you a few of my photos in a before and after view. 

In this picture it was important to me to develop and process the castle in a natural earth tone look. I wanted the castle to appear powerful, which is why all the small elements that could distract from the main motif were already covered up when the picture was taken with the help of the chosen perspective. I then cleaned up and adjusted a few small details in post production. In addition, I did not want the castle to lose its traditional character, which is why I worked on the beautiful stone walls even more with brown colour tones and local contrast adjustments. The sky was also reduced in exposure in post production to create an impressive image effect.

In this second photo, I worked on a completely different look than in the first example. In order to emphasise the special perspective from above and the special shape of the building even more, I also turned the colours to a more special tone. Since the shape of the object is very modern and nature also plays a very important role in this building, I wanted the building to fit in with its surroundings and thus created a rather modern, slightly desaturated and special look.

In this third example, I chose a completely different and unique approach. This picture was part of one of my diploma series and therefore had to be treated and processed in a more artistic way. The blast furnaces were to be depicted in green for a fictitious theme of my diploma series and fit into my series with additional smoke as well as stronger small lights. (You can find more information about this series here "News" - "Diploma exam".)

I wanted to achieve a symmetrical effect with this architectural photograph. To achieve this, I subsequently mirrored the image in the centre in post production so that it is really 100% symmetrical. To further enhance this clean look, I processed the image locally even brighter and also removed any impurities on, for example, the walls of the building. The dark staircase should lead directly into the picture in this light environment.

This last example is less about post production and more about demonstrating that a photo by day has a very different effect than a photo by night of the same object. In this assignment, the goal was to present the vacation wagon, "Wagon-Gîte" in a complete photo series. In order to show the wagon not only in daylight, I stayed on location for a whole day until night in order to capture and present the evening atmosphere with the beautiful lights. I worked with the light emitted by the artificial lights of the wagon as well as with coloured LED panels and a combined long exposure. During the day, I took the photos with the help of mobile studio flash units.

Each image is individually edited by me and given a look that suits the project. This look can be a little more discreet but can also go in a special or even artistic direction. I always decide this together with my client, his idea and in relation to the architecture and represents a decisive step in my working method.

Do you have a question about this case study or do you have a similar project and are still looking for a suitable photographer? Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas or projects, I am happy to accompany your project photographically!

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