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In this case study, I take a closer look at a practical example on the topic of "project monitoring".


For a project commissioned by HLG Ingénieurs-Conseils, AGORA and other parties involved, I photographed the first 2 phases of the "Sinterbecken" construction project in Esch Belval in 2021. A completely new sintering basin site is being built from the two cooling basins of the former sintering plant and is therefore to be photographed and documented in various phases and working states before the conversion.

For this job, it was particularly important to my client that the pictures I took in the first phase were also taken in exactly the same composition in the second construction phase, in order to have a clear comparison of the two construction phases later on. To make this comparison even clearer, I also edited both project phases in different looks.

The first phase of the project was still in an almost untouched state. The nature, plants and trees, as well as the water in the basins were still everywhere and the photos could only be taken under supervision in the otherwise closed area.

After I had photographed all the important perspectives and different variations, I created a gallery with a selection of the best photos and left the final choice of the final motifs to my client. After the final selection, I created a suitable look for the first phase and discussed it with my client before editing the remaining subjects in the same look.

I then took the photos for the second phase in exactly the same way as the images selected from the first phase, but then edited them in a new look that matched the freshly cleaned building site and contrasted with the first look.

For me, every project is unique and is therefore always discussed, planned and implemented individually with my client. It is important to me that my clients have the opportunity to choose the final images themselves and get exactly the images they need to present their project in a complete and high-quality way.

(Of course, I can also make you a proposal with a final selection if you do not have the time to make your own selection).