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In this case study, I go into more detail on a few practical examples on the topic of "retouching".


In this first section I use a drone shot to show a before and after example of retouching for a job in France. The task here was to capture and present the beautiful vacation house with both the large driveway and the pool behind it and its green surroundings.

For this type of assignment, I always plan in advance when the best lighting mood will be and the sun will optimally illuminate the building and its surroundings. With a good base and a RAW shot, I have all the possibilities later in image processing to further optimise the photo. Here I always deal individually with different elements in the picture and use effects and adjustments very specifically. For example, in this picture I used individual masks to emphasise the brown tones of the house façade in order to bring out and portray the character of the house. The lavender field often looks a little greyish from above, so I have also worked this out in its colour and saturation. The same applies to the sunlight and the wider surroundings. If there are disturbing elements in the picture that cannot be removed or rearranged on location, I also remove these in the final version. But more about this in the next section.

Especially with real estate photos, you often don't have much influence on the surroundings. There may be cars parked in front of the property, construction signs on the pavement or rubbish bins and other elements placed around the building. In such a case, I try to take the picture in such a way that I can subsequently remove all disturbing elements in post production in order to make the final picture look calmer. The building should not be changed or reinvented, but only temporary elements that disturb the picture should be removed.

Image editing is always included in my offers and is also always carried out with care by myself. It is important to me to perfect the images I take on location in post production and to take care of all the details in the image in order to provide my client with a high-quality end result at the end of each production.

Do you have a question about this case study or do you have a similar project and are still looking for a suitable photographer? Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas or projects, I am happy to accompany your project photographically!

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