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Passing on knowledge to others? Of course! 🤓🥳

I love working with other people interested in photography and helping them with their questions and challenges. There are now more and more group courses and explanatory videos on any topic on the net, these are often very helpful but can also lead to confusion if the necessary basic knowledge is missing and end in hours of despair👾.

I know this problem only too well, because that's exactly how I started learning and I know from my own individual coaching sessions how much they help you progress, because they are tailored to you and bring you up to date with your current knowledge. That's why, after a few free workshops for other photography fans, I decided to offer private courses for Photoshop and photography.

The content of the course is always created individually and thus adapted exactly to your wishes. The course is therefore intended for beginners who want to have the programme and its logic explained to them in peace and quiet, as well as for advanced students who want to learn a very specific technique or subject area. This could be, for example, the topic "beauty retouching", "dodge and burn", "working with the graphics tablet" or "composing different shots".

In addition to image editing courses, I also offer photography beginners basic courses, where both theoretical basics and practical implementation are learned and taught. You do not need your own camera for this course, I am happy to bring and lend you an SLR camera for our course.

Interested in a private course? In this PDF you can see all the information about the different packages and prices📖🖋

Photoshop Flyer_Website_Jessie Lang
Download PDF • 2.02MB

  • Writer's pictureJessie Lang

In May 2023, I again travelled to France together with MOJA / Absolute Blue and the rest of the team to the Festival de Cannes🤩📸.

During the 12 days of the Cannes International Film Festival, I was the photographer for the Priceless Mastercard Terrace and took portraits of all Mastercard guests during cocktails before they walked the famous red carpet liefen☀️❤️📽 afterwards.

Besides the portraits for the Mastercard guests, I also assisted the photographer MOJA in his studio in Cannes, which was set up for the festival, and the Chinese photographer Sails Chong with his outdoor shoots as well as his shoots in MOJA's studio!🤩😍

Today was the opening of our big ARC exhibition at the Valentiny Foundation in Remerschen!😍 The exhibition runs from 24 May to 4 June! Come by and check out both the ARC exhibition and the Valentiny Foundation exhibition!😁

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