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Photographer MOJA - Rwanda 2021

In November 2021, I travelled abroad for the first time with the photographer MOJA and his team to Kigali, Rwanda. MOJA / Absolute Blue organise the event "Trophées Francophones du Cinéma" there. I worked there as a photographer during the recording and I took the photos of the event, which will be used for the event's website and social media📸

During our time in Rwanda, photographer MOJA also organised a shoot. The photos for this project were taken both digitally and analogue. The results can be viewed on the homepage of photographer MOJA.

Besides the shooting days for this project, photographer MOJA also took a photo at night on Kivu Lake. I worked closely with the photographer as a lighting assistant on these projects.

You can see the backstage video of the spontaneous shoot at Kivu Lake via the following link


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