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Photographer MOJA's Shooting in Sicily

"Sicily, Women and Cinema": A journey focusing on cinema, women and the wonders of Sicily; photographed through the lens of photographer MOJA.

In April 2022, I had the pleasure to assist fashion photographer MOJA as his Head of Lighting on his major photography project in Sicily and as his Lighting Assistant, leading a group of 3 other assistants and working with the rest of the 30 people from the team for 12 days! 😍📸

In this special project, which will be presented at the Festival de Cannes in France in May 2022, MOJA puts the female characters from 12 films in a powerful position, tells their side of the story, gives them power and uses location as a narrative element, carefully chosen in accordance with the story. He photographically transforms them from object to subject.

An exciting project! You can see the results from photographer MOJA on his website!


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